• I am an agency Creative Director and I want to discuss my project directly with one of the artists in the collective, can I?

    Yes you can. You have the freedom to communicate directly with artist or a producer. Just head to your preferred artists page and click on the contact button.

  • I have a project that includes concept and creative development, can you facilitate?

    Yes we can, we have helped a number of clients develop their concepts, scripts, shot lists, design animation and execute them. Just dial our toll free number 1800 008 009 to chat to one of our producers.

  • I am a freelance artist and am looking be part of the collective. How do I do this?

    Simply head to the Sign Up Page and fill in the details. You will be contacted shortly after.

  • Does IPC charge artists commissions?

    No. We are a subscription-based platform. For more information Just dial our toll free number 1800 008 009 to chat to one of our producers.

  • I am a client looking for a production company to manage a shoot for our latest project. I have my own Photographer and Director already. Can I do that?

    Yes you can. Both sides to IPC work autonomously. We can produce your project with any artist.

  • Can IPC produce a one off production with an artist not on the freelance collective network?

    Yes we can. IPC’s production arm can work autonomously. We produce for Directors, Photographers and Clients locally and internationally whom are not already listed in the network.

  • I am an agency Producer and would like your recommendations on a creative team for my campaign. But I do not want IPC to manage the project. Is that ok?

    No problem. Yes we can send you recommendations



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