How it works

IPC is a two-part company.

Firstly a network of all top end independent freelance(can’t stress that part enough) Directors, Cinematographer’s, Content Makers and Photographers. Its aim is to be the place that agency creatives and direct clients come to find the likes of you. They either go to the Production Co’s that rep, or they come here!!

The second part of IPC is a high-end production arm (what we make covers anything from TVC, Promo, Stills, Film Content and all in between) that you can either work with or not. This also goes for clients; they can tap into the production side or work directly with artists. There are so many formats with how brands, agencies and artists work, this formula caters for all. Clients will be able to ‘get production’ or ‘find talent’, it can cross over or not…. IPC is malleable with its ultimate desire for all to be seen, gain and make great work with no strings. Note if you have a Producer already or one you work with form time to time, again this model works perfectly for you, may you continue to hang with them but sit nicely in the network and be seen!!

IPC will be a monthly subscription agreement, with no commissions charged. The first few months being on board will be fee free, you can then decide if you wish to stay or not. Being on board will include you in all regular social marketing, monthly EDMs to databases, networking and recommendations to brands and creative.


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