Fidelity Life Insurance | Vicki Leopold

Vicki Leopold working with Fidelity Life Insurance to produce these stills. Read more . . .

Fidelity Life Insurance  |  Vicki Leopold

Mjolner | Janyon Boshoff

Janyon captures the craft, care and respect for produce shown by Mjolner. Read more . . .

Mjolner  |  Janyon Boshoff

Sydney Sixers | Tony Luu

Sydney Sixers powered by Magenta. Enjoy the fun and excitement of the Big Bash this Summer. ⁠ Read more . . .

Sydney Sixers  |  Tony Luu

Vodafone | Stephen Langdon

Vodafonenz and the New Zealand Police force. Read more . . .

Vodafone |  Stephen Langdon

Nadine Vigouroux  | Eric Yip

Eric Yip working with Nadine to produce these beautiful portraits. ⁠Read more . . .

Nadine Vigouroux  |  Eric Yip

All Tied Up – Ceberano Kilbey Sennett | Lee Rogers

Here’s the latest single from Ceberano Kilbey Sennett – All Tied Up. ⁠Read more . . .

All Tied Up – Ceberano Kilbey Sennett  |  Lee Rogers

Australia’s Right to Know | Adam Keirs

In an attempt to influence change in current laws that are not in the interest of the Australian people. Read more . . .

Australia’s Right to Know  |  Adam Keirs

Mojo Juju & Joelistic | Paul van Kan

“I wrote this song about the people who were hating on Native Tongue. It’s a self affirmation and a reminder to let go of the negativity.” Read more . . .

Mojo Juju & Joelistic  |  Paul van Kan

Big W | Christmas

The countdown is on, the temperature is raising, carols are playing and the kids are excited. Read more . . . 

Big W  |  Christmas

Shake Baby Shake | Adam Singer

Lisa Caruso “Shake Baby Shake” featured on NBC’s Good Girls. Read more . . 

Shake Baby Shake  | Adam Singer

Ela Ray | Eric Yip

Eric Yip captures the beauty in movement with this series of Ela Ray. Read more . . .

Ela Ray  |  Eric Yip

Nutella | Ben Cole

How do you like your Nutella? Breakfast, lunch or dinner? Read more . . .

Nutella  |  Ben Cole

Harper Finn | Stephen Langdon

Harper Finn bends the style boundaries of pop with the eclectic umbrella of Read more . . .

Harper Finn  |  Stephen Langdon

I Am Someone | Gary Sheppard

I Am Someone⁠
A stunning series of emotive portraits of farm animals by Gary Sheppard. The project’s aim is to challenge Read more . . . 

I Am Someone  |  Gary Sheppard

Jaguar | Brett Danton

Book your test drive today! Read more . . .

Jaguar  |  Brett Danton

Mishka Vodka | Jeremy Hudson

Do you have Friday on your mind? ⁠Read more . . .

Mishka Vodka  |  Jeremy Hudson

This Time It’s Personal ⁠ | SUNSTUDIOS

To celebrate a decade of TTIP, SUNSTUDIOS are going bigger and better Read more . . .

This Time It’s Personal ⁠ | SUNSTUDIOS


How do you drown a Hipster? Read more . . .


Who’s Sexier Together | Jason Ierace

Who’s Sexy!? Jason Ierace is . . . Read more . . .

Who’s Sexier Together  |  Jason Ierace

Jodee Knowles at Oxford Art Factory | Glenn Urquhart

“HecklerHQ teamed up with Oxford Art Factory to bring Jodee Knowles’ wall art to life inside the seminal Sydney music venue.⁠ Read more . . .

Jodee Knowles at Oxford Art Factory  |  Glenn Urquhart

I’m a Celebrity | Tony Luu

Hold on! It’s that time of year again . . . Read more . . .

I’m a Celebrity  |  Tony Luu

Orpheus Island | Jason Ierace

Orpheus Island
Luxe, plus, plus . . . a private island lodge located in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef and Read more . . .

Orpheus Island  |  Jason Ierace

Stockholm | Myles Conti

Take 9mins out of your day to watch this short film about two men who share coffee in a hotel room, each trying to ignore the disturbing truth behind their meeting.⁠ Read more . . .

Stockholm  |  Myles Conti

Pioneer Seeds | Andrew Maccoll

This is homegrown in the true sense off the word. Pioneer seeds for commercial use, never looked so good. Read more . . .

Pioneer Seeds  |  Andrew Maccoll


Sir Donald Bradman, if you do not know who he is . . . well that is simple un-Australian. Apart from his batting average of 99.94, what else do you know about him? ⁠Read more . . .


My Restless Heart | Lee Rogers

A beautiful new clip for the Ceberano, Kilbey and Sennett project.
Shot at Bromley and Co in Daylesford Vic. Directed by Lee Rogers.

My Restless Heart  |  Lee Rogers

Chanel Cahill | Adam Williamson

There is so much beauty in this dance video. Beauty in the dance, the movement, the voice and in the cinematography by the talented Adam Williamson. Read more . . .

Chanel Cahill  |  Adam Williamson


Filmed over a few days at Stockton Dunes including post VFX replacements, The Mitsubishi Triton ’Toby Price model’ goes on a ghost train like journey of fast paced adventure and action. Read more . . .


Selleys Power Grip | Myles Conti

If you have an older brother you know the fear is real! lol⁠
Great spot for Selley’s directed and edited by Myles Conti. ⁠Read more . . .

Selleys Power Grip  |  Myles Conti

Fitness First | Tony Luu

Have you lost your motivation? Well maybe we found it at Fitness First Australia. Read more . . .


Fitness First  |  Tony Luu

Bleeders | Stephen Langdon

Stephen Langdon shoots for Bleeders and the results are hot!

Bleeders  |  Stephen Langdon

NO MONO – FINALLY | Adam Kiers

“Perched on the cliff above Tamarama in Sydney is the iconic Glenview Court – An old, run-down apartment block, built back in the 60’s that has long been considered Tamarama’s most infamous local eyesore. Over the years it has been given many nicknames . . . Read more

NO MONO – FINALLY  |  Adam Kiers

Grew & Co | Andrew Maccoll

Grew and Co make wearable fine art and Andrew Maccoll has captured the fine details, reflections and refraction of light bringing beautiful fine pieces to life. ⁠

Grew & Co  |  Andrew Maccoll

Ramus The Star Casino | Toby Heslop

The dramatic and colourful $22M light and water installation at The Star Casino has been captured by Toby Heslop. There’s a 25-metre-long screen, a “water sculpture” . . . Read more

Ramus The Star Casino  |  Toby Heslop

Disconnected | Aleksei Vanamois

“Disconnected” a short film shot by Aleksei Vanamois, here are some stills from the film. ⁠


Disconnected  |  Aleksei Vanamois

Huffer | Stephen Langdon

Huffer officially announces its annual campaign in partnership with Read more . . .


Huffer  |  Stephen Langdon

Aus Medic Co | Garth Oriander

You can keep your roses the fabulous Sophie Monk has Aus Medic Co Read more . . .

Aus Medic Co  |  Garth Oriander

Alt Vape | Stephen Langdon

Veggies make you look sooo cool . . . time to rock out with your banana out!⁠

Stephen Langdon worked with Alt Vape. ⁠

Alt Vape  |  Stephen Langdon

The Glen | Toby Heslop

Toby Heslop worked with The Glen Shopping to Director/DP/Editor/Post this! Read more  . . . 


The Glen  |  Toby Heslop

Jade MacRae | Aleksei Vanamois

Aleksei captures the beauty of Australian soul singer Jade MacRae while recording her song ‘My Fathers House”. Read more . . .

Jade MacRae  |  Aleksei Vanamois

Primo Small Goods | Lee Rogers

“Today’s Tuesday”⁠⠀⁠Read more  . . .

Primo Small Goods  |  Lee Rogers

Australian Unity | Dean Golja

Australian Unity – Volunteers Campaign

The point of this campaign was a simple one Read more . . .

Australian Unity  |  Dean Golja

Sydney Kings | Myles Conti

This little spot was directed and edited by Myles Conti for the Sydney Kings. Read more . . . 


Sydney Kings  |  Myles Conti

Sky Sports | Stephen Langdon

Here is some new work for Stephen Langdon for Sky Sports, “Life needs more sport”. Read more . . .


Sky Sports  |  Stephen Langdon

Honda | Neil Bailey

Neil Bailey shot a series of portraits with a range of expressions for Honda. WTH?⁠ Read more . . .


Honda  |  Neil Bailey


This is the first 30 sec TVC from new Tyro Brand campaign. IPC were bought on board for the entire integrated campaign, including TV, content and stills.




Jameson Irish Whiskey | Tony Luu

Jameson dry and lime, yes please. Tony Luu worked on this spot with Monster Children Films and it’s damn fine. Read more . . .

Jameson Irish Whiskey  |  Tony Luu

Air New Zealand & All Blacks | Fraser Clements

Fraser Clements working with Vision Thing, Air New Zealand and  the All Blacks to produce this little number. Read more . . .

Air New Zealand & All Blacks  | Fraser Clements

You’re no dummy | Richard Bell

Creating the Co-Lab campaign 2019⁠

The winning Co-Lab team worked with advertising, media and road safety mentors to bring the ‘You’re no dummy’ campaign to life for Dept of Main Roads QLD. They watched their campaign concept become a reality by getting hands-on for the shoot in late June 2019 and then continued to collaborate with directors, cast and crew, throughout the rest of the campaign’s creation.⁠

Our man on the ground Richard Bell shot this little number with the Co-Lab team. ⁠

You’re no dummy  |  Richard Bell

Big W | IPC

When we work with Big W  . . . every day’s a big day. ⁠


Client: Big W⁠

Agency: M&C Saatchi

Creative Director: Brendan Donnelly⁠

Photographer: Jason Ierace⁠

Producer: Helen Doick⁠

Production: The Incredible Production Collective⁠

Big W | IPC

Ceberano Kilbey Sennnett | Lee Rogers

“This recalls the best elements of Australian rock: chiming guitars, thwacking drums and a dark propulsion that threatens to soar over the cliff into the abyss at any given moment.
This is late-night driving music: wind roaring in where the windows should be, green and red lights reflecting in the rain, a lost highway, a Lynchian mood.”
Guardian/Nathan Jolly – Top 10 Best New Songs for Sept 2019
Ceberano Kilbey Sennnett  |  Lee Rogers

Lifestyle Channel | Paul Butterworth

Hey, this great little promo was shot for the Lifestyle Channel. Don’t look at the camera! We love it.

Directed by Paul Butterworth

Lifestyle Channel  |  Paul Butterworth

Fiji Tourism | Fraser Clements

Fraser Clements working with the beautiful people of Fiji for Fiji Tourism. We’ve sent out a search party for Fraser . . . we fear he may have lost him permanently to Fiji. Understandably.

Photographer – Fraser

Production co – Goodoil

Fiji Tourism  |  Fraser Clements

mycar | Tony Luu

Tony Luu bringing you mycar TVC.


Production Co.: The Creative Foundry

Director: Heremaia Rudkin

DOP: Tony Luu

Creative Director: John Jones

Producer: Belle Oliva

mycar  |  Tony Luu

Treasure Island | Fraser Clements

Fraser Clements getting his smoke pods out for Treasure Island and TVNZ.



Treasure Island  |  Fraser Clements

DeLonghi | Andy Lewis

Barista quality coffee in one touch is always welcome at IPC HQ!
Shot for DeLonghi with Andy Lewis and Focus Creative Styled by Justine P food stylist.


DeLonghi  |  Andy Lewis

Trade Secret | Eden Diebel

Eden Diebel ‘s work for Trade Secret and Bashful Agency , makes us laugh out loud. Brilliant!

Trade Secret  |  Eden Diebel

ING Home & Contents Insurance

Working with ING Bank to produce these little beauties.

Home and Contents Insurance

Client: ING Bank

Director: Dan Fisk

DOP: Ben Blyth

Producer: Sam Allison

Photographer: Adrian Cook


ING Home & Contents Insurance

Pizza Hut | Lee Rogers

If you remember the 90’s then you’ll remember Dougie the Pizza Hut Delivery boy! If you don’t remember Dougie maybe you grew in the UK like IPC’s EP’s lol. Love your work Lee!⁠


Agency/Prod Co: Step Change⁠

Director: Lee Rogers

PM: Jo Messina⁠

DP: Josh Flavelle

Art D: Antony Miller⁠

Pizza Hut  |  Lee Rogers

ANZ Bank | Neil Bailey

A Home Loan Offer So Good You Don’t Need A Celebrity

We don’t need a celebrity? What the hell! Who doesn’t want to have a burger with the Hoff! Neil Bailey was our man sharing burgers with Hoff.


Client – ANZ

Agency – TBWA Melbourne

Production – Coco Productions

CD – Matt Soddart

Photography – Neil Bailey

ANZ Bank  |  Neil Bailey

ING Bank | Personal Loans

Not your typical shoot day, it was off the richter scale hot!! When you work with the professionals at IPC we get the job done rain, hail or hot!

ING Bank Australia – ‘Personal Loans’ campaign⁠

Credits ⁠

DOP: Paul Van Kan

Photographer: Adrian Cook⁠

Producer: Helen Doick⁠

Production Co.: The IPC⁠

ING Bank  |  Personal Loans

Co Op Bank NZ | Vicki Leopold

The very talented Vicki Leopold working with the Co Op Bank NZ.


Photographer : Vicki Leopold

Agency: VML Y&R

Client: CoOp Bank NZ

ECD : Kim Pick

Art Director: David Smith

Agency Producer: Tim Costar

Co Op Bank NZ  |  Vicki Leopold

Riviera Yachts | Gary Sheppard

On the day of the shoot it was blowing a gale! Can you tell? Nice one Gary.

Credits ⁠

Client: Riviera Power Yachts⁠

Director of Communications: Stephen Milne⁠

Styling: Lisa Jones⁠

Production Darina Laing/Riviera Yacht⁠

Riviera Yachts  |  Gary Sheppard

Ziggy Ramo | Patrick Harris

Independent musician Ziggy Ramo talks about the song writing process, acceptance and authenticity in his music. This conversation is brought to life by Patrick Harris, for MTV and Jack Daniels.


MTV & Jack Daniels – ZiggyRamo

Director – Yiani Andrikidis

DOP – Patrick Harris

Camera Assist – Jess Bowen

Sound – Brett Oliver

Editor – Yiani Andrikidis

Ziggy Ramo  |  Patrick Harris

The Bachelor | Tony Luu

Frames from this year The Bachelor spot. Who will be the lucky lady this year? IPC’s Tony DOP’s for the Bachy Promo…..we are swooning a little over Matt!!


Production: Channel 10

Director: Tamsin Claypole-Smith

Producer: Bianca Kean

DOP: Tony Luu

1st AC: Ant Pawley

The Bachelor  | Tony Luu

Mojo Juju Conversations | Paul Van Kan

Paul van Kan | Content Maker, Cinematographer
Why did Mojo Juju write an album in the Australian desert? • Real Folk Stories
Mojo Juju has a chat about why she decided to write her latest album ‘Native Tongue’ in the red centre of Australia, Broken Hill.

Mojo Juju Conversations  |  Paul Van Kan

Jack Daniels | Andy Lewis

Andy Lewis shooting for Jack Daniels with Ginger Beer, now you’re talking, oh and classic cola too.
Produced & Directed: Andy Lewis
Agency: M&C Saatchi
Brand: Jack Daniels
Stylist: Yael Grinham

Jack Daniels  |  Andy Lewis

Red Line Combat

Red Line Combat Academy NZ
Dir: Stephen Langdon
DOP: Fergus Cahill

Red Line Combat

Pepsi Co. | Stephen Langdon

Stephen Langdon working with Pepsi Co. and the All Blacks our friends from across the ditch. Just in time for the Bledisleo Cup this weekend.
Photographer: Stephen Langdon
Production and Agency: .99 Radyr
Creative: Aaron Taylor
Producer: Brett Macdonald
Client: Pepsi Co Gatorade

Pepsi Co.  |  Stephen Langdon

Sunsweet | Fraser Clements

Fraser Clements shot Sunsweet and captured the healthy living benefits in every snackable pack.


Photograher – Fraser Clements

Production Co – Film Construction

Stills prod co – IPC

Post – Cameron Jones

Agency – Host / Havas / this is BD

Creative Director – Tom Hoskins

Agency Producer – Thea Clausen

Sunsweet  |  Fraser Clements

All Kinds of Natural | Jason Ierace

Jason Ierace captures the beauty of NSW with Eurobodalla ‘All Kinds of Natural’ tourism campaign for Destination NSW


Campaign/project management: Visit NSW

Creative agency: Jim Jam Ideas

Production agency: Found at Sea Films

Photographer: Jason Ierace

Photographer representation: Reload and Co


All Kinds of Natural  |  Jason Ierace

Auckland City Mission | Vicki Leopold

Sharing Vicki’s latest work, released this week for Auckland City Mission. Bringing awareness to the winter appeal and the difficulties of living on the bread line.
Photographer : Vicki Leopold
Agency: .99
Client: Auckland City Mission
Producer: Therese Bielawa
ECD: Mick Stalker
Art Director: Mark Cameron

Auckland City Mission  |  Vicki Leopold

Fujitsu Winter 2019 | Tony Luu

IPC’s Tony Luu and of course IPC’s Sam Allison, worked with Marbl and Treacle Lane on the Fujitsu Winter 2019 Human Sensor Campaign.

Agency – Marbl

Production Co. – Treacle Lane

Director / Creative Director – Peter Mether

Producer – Sam Allison

DOP – Tony Luu

Fujitsu Winter 2019  |  Tony Luu

Big Iron | Gary Sheppard

Big Iron

Gary will be presenting his personal project centred around steam engines at this year’s Australian Rail Photography Forum, 3rd August in Ultimo.

Click on “Find Talent” to view more of Gary’s work.


Big Iron  |  Gary Sheppard

The Cooperative Bank NZ | Vicki Leopold

Vicki Leopold has released the new campaign series she shot for The Cooperative Bank NZ. Nice one Vicki. ⁠


Client: The Cooperative Bank NZ⁠

Agency: Bob’s your Uncle

The Cooperative Bank NZ  |  Vicki Leopold

Mike Nock | Paul Van Kan

World renowned Jazz pianist, Mike Nock’s career has spanned a broad range of contemporary musical styles and he is widely recognised as an important voice in Australian modern music. Based in Sydney since 1986, he previously spent 25 years in the USA, working with many of the world’s top jazz artists. ⁠
Paul van Kan | Content Maker, Cinematographer @vankangram⁠

Mike Nock  |  Paul Van Kan

Braer | Lynden Foss

Lynden Foss captures the beauty of flowers with Braer Studio⁠ and Real Living Magazine.

Braer  |  Lynden Foss

The Voice | Adam Kiers & Tony Luu

The Voice Australia 2019 Spot⁠ Channel 9
Agency: Creative 9 ⁠
Production: Channel 9

Cinematographer: Tony Luu

Director: Adam Kiers


The Voice  |  Adam Kiers & Tony Luu

Glastonbury Festival 2019 | Director Glenn Urquhart

Arcadia Spectacular
Some of the biggest names in dance music performed under a world first project-mapped sphere at this year’s Glastonbury Festival, a collaboration between UK based Arcadia Spectacular Group, Australia’s Astral Projekt, with immersive design, animation and visual effects provided by Heckler.
Creative Director Glenn Urquhart  and Heckler Hq

Glastonbury Festival 2019  |  Director Glenn Urquhart

Country Style Magazine | Lynden Foss

Lynden Foss for Country Style Magazine July 2019. ⁠⠀


Country Style Magazine  |  Lynden Foss

SBS Australia Naidoc Week | Tony Luu

It’s Naidoc Week and Tony Luu captured these shots for an SBS Australia Educational Week. Featuring the legendary Jack Charles. ⁠

SBS Australia Naidoc Week |  Tony Luu

200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide 20/21 | Jason Ierace

Jason Ierace’s photo has been selected for 200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide 20/21

200 Best Ad Photographers Worldwide 20/21 | Jason Ierace

Today’s Sunday | Directed by Lee Rogers

“Today’s Sunday”⁠⠀
Client: Primo⁠⠀

Director: @leerogers⁠⠀

Today’s Sunday | Directed by Lee Rogers

Tourism Vanuatu

Ant Ong’s recent work with Tourism Vanuatu.

When you want to swap your ugg boots for thongs, discover Vanuatu.

Tourism Vanuatu

IPC’s Mate of the Month

IPM’s mates stretch to many corners of the Film Content, Photography, Production, Creative and Advertising world, but one crew member who shines like a suave black blazered, Contax 3 using beacon, who shoots, AC’s, data wrangles, retouches and thinks with his “I’m so ahead of the game-tude” (it’s no wonder he works with all the top production co’s and photographers in town), is:  Felipe Neves, thank you for all your work and skills on our productions.

IPC’s Mate of the Month


We recently worked with Agency Hoyne to create a film and stills campaign for one of Australia’s Top Developers Winten Property and Frasers Property ( Developers of the iconic Central Park). The film was made with CGI animation and live action, shot on location and in studio.


Orpheus Island | Andy Lewis

Andy Lewis working with Head Chef Paul Wilson on Orpheus Island Lodge .
Creating magic on a plate.

Orpheus Island | Andy Lewis

Nudus | Andy Lewis

Andy Lewis has been working with Nudus to produce these great shots for Nudus Fruit Chips.

Photographer Andy Lewis

Designed/ Art Director Angela from @wearedepot

Packaging styled by David Morgan

Nudus  | Andy Lewis

Marilyn A Chilling Encounter

IPM recently worked with Petros Ktenas on the Kia Stinger Driving Experience fan day.

His personal project “Marilyn A Chilling Encounter” has recently received an Honourable Mention at this years 2019 MIFA.

No surprise really, the work is great.

Marilyn A Chilling Encounter

Lifestyle and Hyundai

We’ve been working with Glenn Urquhart recently. Sharing more of his back catalogue.

This promo is award winning and you can see why.

Director – Paul Butterworth

Creative Director – Glenn Urquhart


Lifestyle and Hyundai

Virgin Active | Jon Higgs

Jon Higgs shooting amazing athletes for Virgin Active Australia.

Virgin Active | Jon Higgs

NORRIE | Real Folk Stories

A film by Chi Chi Menendez and Paul van Kan

This poetic portrait celebrates iconic Australian LGBQT activist Norrie mAy-Welby. In this intimate conversation with the film makers, Norrie shares stories and personal insights that shed a unique light on the psyche of a non-binary identifying person. It is a tribute to Norrie’s heroic journey to personal freedom.

NORRIE | Real Folk Stories

Australian Macadamia Nuts

Wed 26 June, 2019

Ant Ong and Australian Macadamia Nuts dazzle us with the beauty of the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.

Australian Macadamia Nuts