Jeremy Hudson | Content Maker, Photographer, Director

Sydney, NSW

Jeremy Hudson | Content Maker, Photographer, Director

Jeremy Hudson is a Sydney based advertising photographer and director.

He started his career in London as an assistant in the 90’s assisting some of the best large format film photographers and then very quickly at an early age started shooting for the best agencies in London and the USA.

Jeremy’s wife is a top Australian stylist and was keen for him to experience the amazing Australian light. And he Jeremy fell in love with the woman and the beautiful Australian landscape.

Jeremy is renowned for his endless creativity and enthusiasm. He is totally commitment to achieving perfection for his clients.

His special talent is clearly seen with his different perspective on imagery.

Jeremy has been at the top of the field for well over 26 years now, with his characteristically fresh and dynamic advertising photography and motion directing, recognised by the industry on an international basis.

His likeable nature and always keen to go that extra mile is always appreciated with his long term clients.

Shooting on the best hi end digital camera’s from Phase One, Canon, to the Phantom Flex for his high speed motion. He has an amazing team that love working with him creating fantastic imagery.

Jeremy shoots campaigns for numerous food, drinks, stills and fashion advertising companies, delivering superlative quality end product to a wide spectrum of international clients. Yet no matter the budget he is always keen to get the best result.

He is constantly looking to employ new ideas and techniques in his work to give the image that dynamic and exciting edge that is a hallmark of his whole approach.

His attention to detail with his lighting has given him a unique style that is recognised on a world wide scale.

Some of Jeremy’s clients Include Coca Cola, Diageo, Pernod Ricard, Nestea,
Mcdonalds, Sainsburys, Woolworths, Masterfoods, Moccona, Stoneleigh, Arnotts, Commbank, Lion, CUB, Qantas, Optus, Virgin, Vodafone, Palmolive, Google, Ladbrokes, Sony to Samsung.


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