Jon Higgs

Content Maker, Photographer

Sydney, Australia
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I’m a simple fella that loves to take great photos and motion. Born in London to a kaftan-wearing father and mother that loved to wear hotpants – oh the seventies.
As a young boy, I was surrounded by very creative people, not that I remember much except for wild parties and having a fascination with the brightly coloured cocktail cigarettes – my father worked in advertising – oh the eighties.
After attending a well regarded college, where I learnt more about life and the opposite sex - than photography, I relocated back to London to assist some very important advertising photographers – well they thought so.

Returning from London in 1995, armed with newly learnt photographic skills, I went about starting my business servicing the advertising industry. Soon after I married the “Lovely Mrs Higgs” and started a family.

That brings us to now, a few more laps around the sun and a face with more than a few creases. I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the biggest agencies and blue chip clients in Australia and across the globe.

I’ve won awards, but as they say “you can’t live off your awards” and so today I keep pushing myself, developing and learning new techniques.

I look forward to working with cool creative people and telling great stories with images that make a strong visual impact.

Keep learning and experimenting.


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