Interested in joining us and broadening your channels of potential work as an independent Artist?

The IPC is the place to find all the best freelance artists, as well as providing hi-end production and artist marketing. We have removed any traditional or set rules of production company or agent structures, allowing artists to receive our support whilst maintaining independence. Artists have the freedom to choose how they work.

The IPC is continuously developing its internal and external approaches and strategies, as well as nurturing its marketing channels and New Business Development. At the same time searching for better approaches to the ever changing script, brief and budget demands. We are always looking to be better.

To be part of the top freelance platform a subscription fee of $100 pcm is charged with three months fee form going live. Payment is set up easily from your personal IPC account. No messy invoicing.

Here are just some of the benefits…


Our search interface helps clients quickly find the right talent for their project. We continuously drive clients to find you here.


Regular new business calls and meetings, presentations, recommendations, digital and social marketing.


Full production support available and access to IPC production services.


You are not exclusive to IPC you have the ability to choose who you work with.


Sent out to industry database.


Each month, we send out an EDM featuring a different specialty to all of our clients around the world. This being inline with targeted new business and digital marketing.

Apply to join IPC

We love to work with great people, but please note that we are very picky in deciding which Artists join the Collective. Only a small percentage of applicants make the final cut.

Not every talent is going to be appropriate for us at any given moment, but we do carefully consider each applicant, and we do our best to provide meaningful feedback to everyone.

If you are an independent Director, Photographer, DOP or Content Maker that feels this progressive model fits you and your clients way of working.  Then please fill in our “join the Collective” application form and we will be in touch.