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Ceberano Kilbey Sennnett | Lee Rogers

“This recalls the best elements of Australian rock: chiming guitars, thwacking drums and a dark propulsion that threatens to soar over the cliff into the abyss at any given moment.
This is late-night driving music: wind roaring in where the windows should be, green and red lights reflecting in the rain, a lost highway, a Lynchian mood.”
Guardian/Nathan Jolly – Top 10 Best New Songs for Sept 2019
Music: Ceberano Kilbey Sennett
Directed by Lee Rogers/ Jason Rogers
Shot by Jason Rogers/Jeffrey Darling/Lee Rogers
Produced by Lee Rogers
Millavich Productions/Velvet
Edit: Michael Houlahan/The Institute of Post Production
Colour: Mars Williamson
Online: Jamie Scott/Generator Post
Titles: Gwyn Dixon


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