Frequently asked questions
Can I talk directly to an Artist?

Yes, you absolutely can! Whether you are a client, creative, or producer and want to talk directly to an artist, then go for it. You have the freedom to communicate how you wish. Just head to your preferred artist’s page and click on the ENQUIRE button.

Can IPC recommend the best Artists?

If you would us to merely recommend the artist team for your campaign and do not want IPC to manage the project, then no problem. We can help you with the right artist, then leave you to it.

I have my own artist, so can IPC just produce?

You might have your own Director or Photographer in place and need IPC to manage the shoot, then no problem at all. Both sides to IPC work autonomously. We can produce your project with any artist.

Can IPC work with non collective Artists?

Yes we can. IPC’s production arm can work autonomously. We produce for Directors, Photographers and Clients locally and internationally who are not already listed in the network.

We have an inhouse production team, can you work with them?

Yes we can.