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With so many channels of communication and forums available. How do you communicate?

As there are so many ways to communicate. The Evolution and acceptance of different communication apps by each generation, has seen a shift?

Who leaves a voice mail message anymore? Nobody. Why do we text “Call me when you’re free” instead of leaving a voice mail, doesn’t this take more effort by the caller? And why can’t you leave a video message if you facetime someone?

It all comes down to your preference. You don’t leave a voice mail because you prefer to receive text messages. You’re less likely to pick up an ‘unknown caller’, if you’re in the middle of something? You know the Marketing guru that contacts you on LinkedIn isn’t really interested in having a coffee with you.

So if you want to get business done what is your preferred form of communication. Talking to Elenka Webber, Freelance Director on The IPC platform. “I prefer an email it’s bit of a safe space it allows me to step away from a knee jerk reaction, quality takes time”. A lot of the time we’re on set or in client meetings or working on the next job so I need the space the job deserves.

WhatsApp has also changed our centre of gravity too. It is a place where we are hanging out internationally and free. It might not have been ok 5 years ago, but today it’s totally acceptable to connect via WhatsApp.

What is your preferred form of communication?

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