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Looking for a new Podcast?

by IPC’s Liz Biega

I’m a huge fan of podcasts, which is lucky as I am the host of a short on-demand series called: ‘Three Drinks In’, part of TIP C Talks by The IPC.
I interview some of the incredible artists on the IPC collective over a drink or three!! What other way is there to discover how an artist ticks, that’s more honest and authentic and less (let’s face it and be honest) interesting than written long and ‘wordy’ bios that are so often not read!! We pull up a barstool, order a drink and have a chat about some really cool projects and why these guys do what they do.
‘Three Drinks In’ is a great way to learn a little about IPC’s collective of Directors, Photographers, DOP’s, and so far has been the inspiration for agency creatives when looking for an artist for their next campaign.
I recommend tuning in to Dean Friske’s Episode. A short lighthearted listen to how this incredible Comedy Director thinks. Dean Friske is also the Director of the Latest comedy spot for Crescent Tools.


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