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NO MONO – FINALLY | Adam Kiers

“Perched on the cliff above Tamarama in Sydney is the iconic Glenview Court – An old, run-down apartment block, built back in the 60’s that has long been considered Tamarama’s most infamous local eyesore. Over the years it has been given many nicknames including the ‘Concrete Jungle’ in the 70s to the ‘Tamarama Hospital’ or ‘Soviet/Russian Hospital.⁠

After 12 years in the making, the redevelopment has finally begun. This means all residents, whether owner or renter have vacated the building until the project is complete.⁠

Because of its dilapidated state, the residents of Glenview Court have always been a far cry from the well-heeled residents of Tamarama in their multi-million dollar homes. It was home to people from all walks of life, and being a resident for 4 years, I fully experienced this sense of community, made solid friendships with many of my neighbours, and cherished the incredible, restorative power of the views of Tamarama. I also become fascinated by the design and the strange beauty in the building’s erosion and decay.⁠

Upon finally receiving the notification that we had to relocate I was determined to capture the sense of place and create a cinematic, spiritual homage to the building and the people who lived here over the last 49 years.⁠

An ode to the building before it’s gentrification and a surreal tribute to it’s soul departing.⁠

Thanks to Tom & Tom of No Mono to allow me to pair such a beautiful, haunting song with this project, it took it to another level.” Adam Kiers⁠


Director: Adam Kiers @tears_4_kiers⁠

Cinematographer: Boris Vymenets

Dancer: Thuba Ndibali ⁠

Choreographer: Sela Vai⁠

Edit: Brad Hurt⁠

VFX: Blake Druery + The Mill⁠

Colour: Matt Fezz⁠

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