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NORRIE | Real Folk Stories

We are invited into Norrie’s home and to share in a unique world perspective, as Norrie recounts some of the personal hurdles and the difficulties overcome in forging a personal identity outside of the confines of binary language and societal conventions.

With so much of the contemporary discussions on gender being political, the film makers wanted to explore a more personal view of a non-binary person’s experience in the world, aiming to connect viewers with the human experience and opening up a dialogue for a more inclusive view of “otherness’


Norrie May-Welby is a Scottish Australian transgender person. Norrie was assigned male at birth and pursued the the legal status of being neither a man nor a woman,between 2010 and 2014.

In 2010 the NSW Government’s Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages issued a certificate that recognised May-Welby as gender ”not specified”. The Registry later rescinded its decision in a formal letter of cancellation.

Norrie mAy-Welby filed a complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission and a four year legal battle ensued. In 2014 the Supreme Court ruled in Norrie’s favour. Norrie became the world’s first legally recognised genderless person. As a result, Australia was the first western country in the world to legally recognise a nonspecific gender status.


Music by †he Hain†ed

A film by Chi Chi Menendez & Paul van Kan.


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