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Production Partners Understanding a Cookieless Climate – Streamlining!

Choosing the right production partner is key and even more vital in this ‘cookieless campaign climate’.

“A question for marketers and advertisers: what is a positive you can take from 2021? the announcement in delaying the depreciation of third-party cookies until 2023? possibly?”

The pressure is on for marketers with the so-called ‘death of the cookie’. The extended phase-out for third-party data will hopefully give time for companies to develop their strategy in first-party data collection, relationship building, their approach to advertising, and how their campaigns will roll moving forward in light of this.

So aside from a privacy-first, data compliance, and tracking angle, what does this mean for marketers and advertisers from a content making and production perspective? Actually, getting all the advertising content made in a new marketing ecosystem, that must answer many needs for many different audience members, is seeing a far greater output need than ever before. So efficiency and streamlining are paramount of course. Outside of marketers making new friends with ad-targeted data platforms, it’s really a large door opening for innovation for ad agencies. Creatives are looking at even more than ever a multi-screen and multi-channel approach, and the best way to execute this within time and budget. Communication with customers must be non-dependant on a single channel (AR being a top direction also), more than seen previously. Integrated solutions are definitely on the table.

In adopting this approach, clients must choose streamlined support, selecting the best suppliers that fit this evolution. Electing the correct fit can make a massive difference when it comes to the actual pointy end of marketer and agency creatives’ hard work. The bit where they finally ‘make’ the campaign, the idea, the ad! Aligning with a production partner that can answer, solve and produce all content assembled as one team is preeminent.


Just think of ONE solution.



One company to make all campaign content.

Top of importance is in the engagement of a single production partner, that can aggregate all output requirements, under one single production-providing roof.

One quote, one budget, and one invoice for the entire campaign.

This allows the client to hand over the entire purse with the list of outputs: TV linear, digital, social, connected, All print, radio, etc and simply have that production provider allocate the spend where needed. Leave it to the production team. No need for further head-scratching to where spending is diverted for all the separate content being made.

One point of contact

The complexity, risk, and success of a campaign meeting sales stats or brand awareness KPIs, is not to be matched with an as complex process when coming to the ‘making’ end of the marketing campaign. Keep it simple. Have one point of contact where all production unites. You’ll thank yourself for making far fewer calls to multiple contacts!

One platform to find artists

Choose a streamlined source for recommending and managing the artists needed to Direct and Shoot campaigns. Give trust to experts in this part of the creative process. Not only will they understand how to put ads together well, using the right artists based on a technical, style and ability rather than purely on a ‘reel viewing’ value. This has immense creative and time-saving values to add.


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