Shooting Solutions # 1 Director Turns Home into Shoot Location.

IPC remains operating and searching for solutions, at a time when we know it is important for advertisers to diversify and keep advertising, for brands to adapt and still have the ability to shoot content and for production to evolve with that. Therefore we will look to release solutions over the coming weeks on ‘how we can help you to keep on advertising’.
Shooting Solutions # 1 Director Turns Home into Location.
 We have the ability to now shoot at a home location with lifestyle, plus food / table top in studio all at the one isolated location. Here’s how: (FILM TO COME SOON)
Director Paul Butterworth has turned his entire home into a shoot location with studio and the option to re style to suit your script. We can make TVC and Film content all under one roof.  Here’s what is achievable:
Table top studio – The garage is now a newly converted studio table-top shooting space, with a kitchen island worktop to shoot on and bare grey walls around to help with an ambient space and lighting. The studio kitchen has units, worktop and shelves in an ‘L’ shape in one corner. There are multiple colours of fablon (vinyl sheets with an adhesive backing) to easily re-cover the doors to different colours as well as other worktops to match. The walls can be repainted as required and also different kinds of splashbacks installed.
Food Styling – There is an ‘In-house’ food stylist with food prep for on-camera. For complex styling Paul would work remotely with Food Stylists Katie Giovanni (Food Stylist on my recent Lurpak spot) or Rebecca Rauter (Richmond Sausages film) to get the right ingredients and techniques.
The table-top/ food shots below were shot in the home table top studio with the ‘in-house’ Stylist and Paul- Director / DP.
House Location –  Family kitchen – is a reasonable size but requires about 3 days of work to get it looking modern (which he is part way through). The oven/ hob is brand new and looks great for food shoots.
Other rooms – Every wall and ceiling can be repainted; furniture can be moved between rooms to create different looks; Paul has ordered extra prop furniture to bring out as required and of course will source furniture specific to each brief.  There’s  a girl’s bedroom, main bedroom, lounge (though this is kinda ’niche’ so can repaint more neutral), dining room, boy’s bedroom and hallway which can be worked to suit brief also. Flooring can be re- worked if it will feature.
In House Lighting and shooting – With the remote support of DoP Tim Fok Paul makes the images look the best. The DoP has remote access to the camera (RED Dragon). In house Paul has a full set of lenses, Easy Rig and lots of accessories, plus a small selection of lights. In addition there is a 4k Sony A7R3 and Laowa probe lens, plus a Ronin S gimbal rig to shoot weird and wonderful shots.
We can also remotely view images from the Directors monitor to more efficiently help dress/ light/ feedback/ sign off the scenes.
In House Special Effects – Paul is very hands-on during pre-production and filming, often building his own rigs and adapting set pieces so he can get shots from unique angles. He even has an oven with the top and front removed so he can film inside. He has plenty of tools and materials stored to solve as many challenges as possible. For REALLY ‘challenging challenges’, Paul enlists the remote help of the liked of Ed Kellow (who was Props Master/ SFX wrangler on his Lurpak Open Sesame and Richmond Sausages films).
Cast – We have an ‘in-house’ family of four with boy/ girl twins of 8 years old.
One Team – Between IPC and Paul Butterworth we can look to make your TVC or Content, all covered all under one roof by one tiny team including the Director, DP, Styling, Lighting, Set and Wardrobe, Data wrangling ETC.
If you need lifestyle, family, food content, then let’s see how we can make your ads in lock down.
All live streamed!