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Sir Donald Bradman, if you do not know who he is . . . well that is simple un-Australian. Apart from his batting average of 99.94, what else do you know about him? ⁠

Author Roland Perry spent six years in interviews and discussions with Bradman. In his 34th book, TEA AND SCOTCH WITH BRADMAN, Perry has created an intimate memoir that depicts the true character of the man, including his integrity, humour, wit, wisdom, compassion and the odd idiosyncrasy or two. ⁠
Photographer Dean Golja accompanied Perry on the first day of his long journey with a view to capturing this great Australian as he was at 86 – intellectually vigorous, humorous, and thoughtful with powers of concentration that would put any monk to shame. ⁠

If you live in Melbourne you can attend the book launch and see the photographic exhibit.⁠

21st November 2019, 6-9pm⁠
95 Buckhurst Street⁠
South Melbourne VIC 3205⁠


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