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This is why 2020 car sales are up…when our collective make car ads this good!

Pre June 2020 really was the icing on the cake for the car industry in Australia, or maybe so it seemed? From the 2017 closure of manufacturing  to overseas and the decade long taxpayer support holding things up!! new car sales were down in the steepest decline in 30 years, reaching a 48.9% drop**……then June came around and oh my word we heard cheers from the showrooms, with our a local favourite: Toyota, in fact being up 7.9% from previous year. “No Way” you say!!

Surely this must be a good time to be making more high end automotive commercials locally. Obviously ads made by our collective are why sales are up at a difficult time….surely!

The last several weeks IPC has illuminated the Car Directors, Photographers, Cinematographers and those in the collective who are clever at making all that super important content for car clients. So this month we have decided to guide you back to all the car work shared on our Insta account for a change. Click on the work below to follow the journey.

Janyon Boshoff

Toby Heslop

Tony Luu


Dean Friske and Tony Luu

Dean Friske

Gary Sheppard

Jason Ieraci

Glenn Leahy  & Ant Ong

Brett Danton 

Pete Mether

Elizabeth Allnutt

Lee Rogers

Paul Butterworth

















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