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Weekly Round-Up #17

The Graziers series –  A personal project by Janyon Boshoff.

Fair dinkum Aussie cowboys and cowgirls.


Turn it off Bob! ⁠

Robert Gray working with Sydney Water ⁠


East 33 Oysters celebrated the launch of their brand with a beautifully shot video, by content producer Glenn Leahy. The video was designed to capture the farmers and their daily life, and integrate it with the way consumers enjoy the final product – the best Sydney Rock Oysters in the world. ⁠
Client – East 33 Sydney⁠
Producer – Digital Video Lab⁠
Director – Style Me Romy⁠



A day in the life . . .⁠
“It was more like a week, to be honest. I documented the day to day routine of nursing staff in Sydney and rural NSW on behalf of @clemengersydney ⁠
The images were later used in a recruitment campaign for Nursing NSW.⁠
Underpaid and overworked I reckon. Bless” – Adrian Cook⁠

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