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Weekly Round-Up #26

Krystal Knight Jewellery
All beautifully designed, hand-made pieces of jewellery are handcrafted out of the tropics of Bali; by a small family owned factory.
Lynden Foss shot this behind the scene reel, capturing the beautiful light and feel of Bail.


Dusting off the archives and found this little beauty. Just goes to show quality really can stand the test of time. Looks like Thorpey has always been into cooking and BBQs! LOL.


Direction – Dean Friske

DP – Simon Higgins

Design – Finnegan Spencer


Let’s get kids active and moving again!
Thank you, Department of Education for getting our kids back in the classroom. From all the parents working from home, we are really grateful!

Art Director – Sarah Carter Creative⁠⠀
Casting & production – 99 Productions Melbourne
Photographer – Garth Oriander

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