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Experts in Making Food Campaigns – Part # 2 F&B Spotlight

Rounding up the 12 weeks of Covid turbulence, we wrap up the F&B spotlight that we have shone on the food industry and those incredible freelance artists we work with. The Directors, Photographers, DoP’s and Content Makers who make the best Food campaigns around. The experts.

We have all consumed far more food than ever during lockdown, but despite that the food industries also having major issues. We have spoken to many in the industry with brands having varied responses, from issues with panic buying to  supply chain problems . Globally we have seen closures of restaurants causing a ripple effect among related industries. In the US this knock on has affected globally the logistics of the imported products. However, here is Australia and from the voices of some of those brands we spoke to, domestically we have held fairly strong. Australia produces 88.9% of its F&B domestically and in some cases over produces for local demand and of course export. The positive has been that Australia does not have a food security issue and by being the most food secure nation globally, it has allowed some clients to remain buoyant and still look to their advertising.

IPC is here with it top end freelance artists and production arm, discussing food campaigns and looking to produce works in a particularly disruptive time. Also facilitating with smaller and safe crews. It’s been a positive to talk and discuss ways in which we can shoot for food campaigns.

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