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Shooting Solutions # 2 Food & Beverage Clients are Nailing It!

IPC remains operating and searching for solutions at a time when we know it is important for advertisers to diversify and keep advertising, for brands to adapt and still have the ability to shoot content. IPC has the solutions to help agencies and brands alike to keep on advertising.
Food and Beverage brands are nailing it and of course at a time where eating and drinking is no doubt taking up about 75% of our day!! It’s absolutely been the best time for F&B to not only pivot, but remain advertising and keep its audience purchasing, fed and watered (or slightly tipsy)!!
Some of IPC’s artists have either Directed TVC’s, DOP’s or made content and stills for a number of brands, that are easily scripted or developed to shoot in this covid climate. Here’s a few…….
Director Paul Butterworth

Director Pete Mether

Photographer Robert Gray

Photographer Jeremy Hudson

Photographer / Content Director Janyon Boshoff

DOP Tony Luu

DOP and Editor Pat Harris

Photographer Andy Lewis

Photographer Jon Higgs

Photographer Ben Cole

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