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Fitness has been our touchstone over the last 12 months.

by Liz Biega

At IPC we have seen a hype of activity around fitness campaigns. It could be a combination of new year resolutions to close the fridge door on 2020. Combined with a summer that forgot to turn up in Australia, we experienced the 3rd highest rainfall in December since record-keeping began in 1900. The fitness industry has reported a loss of 60% in revenue.

It was clear by our lockdown guidelines that our health and fitness remained a high priority. It was a part of the top 3 can do’s, you can leave the house for food, 1 hours’ worth of exercise, and essential services. Sure, personally our interest in fitness and wellbeing did waiver as we moved through the ebbs and flows of restrictions, but it was never far from our minds. In our industry, we were dusting off our equipment and getting ready to shoot.

Producing campaigns that showcase the beauty of human movement is rewarding. Adam Williamson, created ‘Breathe’ for Nick Broadhurst featuring the inspiring moves of Tegan JR.

Eric Yip has an active lifestyle series that hooks you into a world of yoga, early morning run, trail runs, dance and boxing.


The integrated campaign for Club Lime was executed across outdoor, digital, social, Spotify and search, it has been built to connect with Pyrmont locals in the immediate vicinity of the club. Jon Higgs worked with Viva Leisure

Janyon Boshoff and Clockwork films with Fitness First produced the grunt and grind of the gym environment.


We all enjoyed the laugh that Chris Hemsworth gave us with his bobblehead version of his own fitness app advertising, created by Moontide Agency. Nice one.


God knows we need to laugh more, take more risks and be creative with what can be more of the same same dialogue.

Let’s make it happen.

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