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Realtime Remote Studio || Director / DP Brett Danton

Over the last several weeks, we have released a few articles on ways to continue working in our industry during Covid. One of our top responses to shooting was developed by the incredible Director Paul Butterworth along with four other directors, producing this clever joint campaign for the NHS celebrity fundraiser.
Now we bring to you the: ‘Realtime Remote Studio’ 
Brett Danton Directs and DP’s along with the team Richard Widgery from Take4d and Will Schryver , his remote studio productions for various campaigns using robotics and remote motion control cameras. Richard Says:  “Virtual Production is the start to end process of creating digital production in real-time enabling creative freedom and decision-making to rise above the technology”.
The robot is transportable, as well as the team being able to work around the clock to cater for global client and production timings. We will create packaged quotes with custom sets / 3d sets, casting with real time data. And…………… yes the best bit is everyone can can sit at home ( or office) and view either via YouTube or Vimeo with its live camera feed, they then also have a zoom call to the studio, we have separated the feeds so should zoom fail the camera image is always streamed. We also have a witness camera in studio.

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