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Shooting Solutions # 3. So this is what happened when a ‘Director Turns Home into Shoot Location’. He shoots the NHS Fundraiser – Celebrity Esports TVC in lockdown.

A number of weeks ago we started talking about shooting solutions during this COVID- 19 environment. We wanted to tell you about ways you could keep shooting, allowing campaigns to remain flowing with ability to shoot them… just diversifying.
We revealed all the details how of the incredible Director Paul Butterworth was turning his entire home and family into a shoot location with talent, as well as all the different solutions that could be offered. Well this brilliant pivot to production gave Paul the privilege to be part of a collaboration with 5 other Directors to shoot the ‘NHS COVID Charity Cup with the FIFA Celebrity Esport’, all under lockdown. The spot was shot in each directors own home with own family…..and they nailed it. We are so pleased that a worthy cause took up this clever idea to make great ads during difficulty restrictions.
Between IPC and Paul Butterworth we can look to make your TVC or Content, all covered all under one roof by one tiny team including the Director, DP, Styling, Lighting, Set and Wardrobe, Data wrangling ETC.
If you need lifestyle, family, food content, then let’s see how we can make your ads in lock down.
Exec Producer: Charlie Phillips
Directors: Paul Butterworth, Dan Holland, Silent Tapes, Nick Tree, Ed Saunders

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